Owner Photographer & Videographer

Alec Proudfit

Alec is a professional photographer based out of Thousand Oaks, Ca.

He enjoys playing musical instruments, driving classic and exotic cars, and spending time with his friends and family when not taking photos.

Photographer & Videographer

Weston Ginoza


Angel Ziese

Angel Ziese has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. Specializing in sports, weddings, and events. She coaches Track at Westlake Village high school as the Head Long & Triple jump Coach. She is well-known in the community for her volunteer work, smile and obsession for sports. You will usually find her at some sports field taking pictures. Her passion for photography and making memories runs deep. 


Izzy Perez

Isabella Perez, who goes by “Izzy” has been taking photos since she was 12 years old when she received her first camera. Photography ran in her family, so a camera was always at the top of her Christmas wish list. In her childhood, she grew fond of the arts including singing, dancing, and acting. When she began to pursue her career in theater, she would take professional headshots of herself and others for fun. To this day, she still uses her self-shot headshots for her auditions. As a performer, Izzy knows how important it is to get a great photo-shot of you showcasing your skills and she hopes to capture all other perfect moments for everyone she possibly can through her photography journey.